Happy Tuesday!
I hope you all are having a lovely day! My day so far has been real good; I think the weather is responsible for my chipper mood.
Confession bear: This is my fourth day of blogging, and I have come back to earth with a thud. Usually when I saw that people had not posted new posts on their blogs, I immediately thought they were lazy. Wow. Welcome to the real world, me. It is difficult! I have deleted the draft about four times now! There are so many questions to consider: 
  • Is it okay to blog about this? (I mean people deserve their privacy), 
  • Am I using the correct English? (I am Afrikaans speaking).
  • Is the topic actually interesting?

Then when you finally have a topic, you need to write it out. So I am now in sympathy with you, fellow bloggers. I admire every single person for sticking it out and continuing. I am in love with writing, but like with all things you love, it takes patience and a great sense of humour to make it actually work.
I had pizza for lunch. Sigh. I really need to get the eating under control. No matter how much I train, it will never work if I continue to eat like a pregnant woman carrying triplets. At least I climbed eleven flights of stairs to get the pizza! I should seriously start eating a larger breakfast. I had a yoghurt and an apple this morning – it really isn’t enough for all the running around I do at the office.
How is everyone doing? Drop me a line in the comments box!

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