Weekend stuff!

Meh… it is Monday. I am so tired!
What a weekend though! Friday night we went to see the Five Year Engagement. It was hilarious. I just love Jason Segel. He is so cute and funny! And wow, Emily Blunt is really beautiful. I didn’t expect her to be so good at comedy! I will (maybe) make a post on the whole movie.
Saturday we went to the Joburg Pride Parade in Melville. My sister seems to think people will assume I am gay when they read this, so for the record I am straight! Everybody in my family is just activists for equal rights. That said I was really curious to see how it was. I should say I was very impressed. It was well planned, and the atmosphere was so cheerful. Everybody was having a good time and the costumes were amazing.
 Me and the little sister

 Sisters: Theranne, Melissa, Natasha

Then, like the day hadn’t been crazy enough, we went to Makiti’s the evening. It is this really Afrikaans dancing joint (I say joint since club doesn’t fit) and partied there until 2am.
Needless to say, I spent the entire Sunday recovering.
Was a pretty great weekend though.

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