Living on the wild side

This week has flown by! Not complaining though – it hasn’t been the best of weeks for me. But I decided not to complain about work any more on here – I really like my job! (what I don’t like is the noise some of my co-workers are currently making)
I started learning for my Unisa Exams finally. On Monday I am writing EUP (a very basic computer subject compulsory for Unisa students) and then on the 26th I am writing Mathematics – I will probably be going crazy by then due to a combination of no sleep and freaking out.
Thinking of booking my license again. I really want it before the end of the year, and need to book it now – the testing stations here are really over booked. I drove to work perfectly this morning, a great accomplishment – Soweto traffic isn’t kind to learner drivers.
I really want a new pair of shoes. Which I can’t really afford now. Something to think about..
We are going to the Doors tomorrow night. I can’t wait! 
Have a happy Thursday,

2 thoughts on “Living on the wild side

  1. Book it! And the very best of luck when you do! You won't die… I don't know if an exam paper can kill you… don't make me come there to bring you back from the dead, I will be seriously iffy about it 😉 Shoes and you my friend… 😛

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