So I changed my blog template… Again. Sue me. I feel the judgement waves across the screen. I changed it since I am feeling miserable (not because of the judgement) so I am in the mood for something a little simpler. What do you think?
The main reason for the post is not to report my design changes, no. It is to ask the following question..
What differences lies in people that come from different countries? Theranne and I discussed yesterday that it always seems that people from “overseas” – meaning any other country – is slightly more glamorous than us South-Africans?
I came to the conclusion that it may be because most of the foreigners we encounter come from first world countries and just grew up differently than us. They have more resources available, so obviously they can achieve much more easily.
Not that South-Africa isn’t amazing. Compared to other African countries, we are the place to be.
Any ideas on this?
PS: REason for the misery – I have a toothache from the pits of hell and I have an irrational fear of dentists. So please keep those fingers crossed that the pain goes away and I am feeling better without the help of the Sadistics (I don’t care if it is not a real word)


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