One day

Dreams for the future
 To live in the future isn’t very healthy. Live for today, but keep on dreaming for the things you plan to get done. It motivates me to get through the crappy, boring days where I wonder if I am doing things right. 
Your destiny will lead you to the place you are supposed to be. So, embrace today and be excited for tomorrow. Don’t forget the past, but don’t live there too.
Focus on what makes you happy, and do that more often. Stop focusing on your weak points, and develop the strong ones.
In the future I will:
 Own Louboutin shoes (even if it is only one pair)

Find the perfect man and marry the crap out of him 😀
Write a book and get published. 
Do some adrenaline runs (skydiving, bungee jumping, etc.)
Wishing everyone the bestest Friday.

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