Things of late that I have noticed.

I can browse the internet the entire day.
I will never be able to switch over to E-books completely. Nothing beats holding a book in your hands.
Reading will always be one of my greatest pleasures.
Being single is sometimes inconvenient, but not too bad.
I tend to be serious, with a humorous side thrown in.
I still am finding out who I am.
You really do become like the 5 people you spend the most time with.
I prefer writing in a bullet point style rather than in a paragraph.
Dreams only become reality when you actively seek to achieve them.
Little kittens are probably the cutest things on earth.
I want to own a French bulldog one day.
Song of the moment – Florence and the Machines: Never Let Me Go.
Having to accept things you thought you had already accepted.
Few true friends are better than many fake friends.
You don’t have to know everything. People that think they do are pretty damn annoying.
Rain on the roof is a good sedative.
Always either save the address or follow a good blog when you find it. There are so many blogs out there it is impossible to finding the same one twice by accident.
Growing your hair is a difficult thing to do.
Honesty, integrity and faith are the most beautiful characteristics a man can have.
I will marry a man that shares my obsession with Harry Potter.(or at least accepts it)

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