Quick catch up

I’m so sorry I have been absent the past few days! 
I have been studying my but off for my exam tomorrow – I am writing maths and really needed to focus. Earlier tonight I had a bit of a freaking out session, but I am feeling more confident now. This is the most studying I have done for any test since I came out of highschool. I don’t even want a good grade – I just want to pass. Keep those fingers crossed!
Now that you know why I was missing, I would like to tell you about something that I witnessed on Tuesday.
Johannesburg is a beautiful city, but alas, it is a city. While driving home from gym, I saw the most spectacular sight. We have had a lot of rain these past couple of days, and the sky was cast over and really cloudy. But it was just so breathtaking! There were so many colors – pink, purple, blue, grey, orange, red. Breathtaking. I couldn’t get a picture, sadly (moving car and I only had the Blackberry on me). It just reminded me how perfect this world was made, despite the efforts of the human race to destroy it.
In other news, I have been sticking to my diet like a professional! I haven’t even climbed on the scale yet – but I really hope to see results soon.
Keep those fingers crossed for me!

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