Friday Fots

You may wonder what a Fot is. It is a thought, spoken in an Afrikaans accent. 
So, my fot for today is: People should realise what confidentiality means. Friends are the people you are supposed to trust with your life and share secrets with without fearing it being leaked into our judgemental world.
I was incredibly shocked when I learned that people leaked confidential information about someone I know .
So here is my question to you, readers: what do you consider before sharing your secrets, and do you share secrets when you are not supposed to?

Thankful Thursday

Since it is so easy to forget the good and only focus on the bad, this is a post for the things I am thankful for:
Unemployment is one of the biggest worries across the globe, so having a reliable source of income is a great blessing.
Even though they are sometimes over bearing and inquisitive, they complete me and I wouldn’t be able to live without them.
True Friends
For sticking with me through all the ups and downs in life, supporting, teasing and encouraging me. You are one of life’s greatest gifts.
Being healthy
I am thankful for being able to see and hear beautiful things, and for not having any lasting physical or mental diseases.
Freedom of religion
I am blessed because I live in a country that allows you to believe what you want, without fearing for your life.
My animals.
Nothing beats coming home to your dogs and/or cats, and having them excited to see you.
Being able to notice the small things in life, like a thoughtful gift, kind gestures, funny moments and beautiful sunsets.
Listening to music and feeling completely understood when a song describes your life to perfection.
Being thankful that I am able to read and write. Being literate is the greatest power anyone can have.
Appreciating the pretty things we take for granted. Nature, clothes, gadgets…
What are you thankful for?


I have a confession:
I really love reality shows.
I am watching the X factor USA season 1 now. The SABC (public broadcaster in SA) often airs older versions of international reality shows (that is why I am watching season 1).
Thoughts when I am watching:
·         I swear some of the contestants have no one that loves them. I would never allow someone I care about to make their name bananas in front of millions.
·         For what is Paula Abdul famous? I have never seen or heard of her, yet she gets so much international coverage.
·         Simon Cowell is incredibly attractive for an older gentleman. I like his narkiness too.
·         L.A. Reid scares me a little. He seems like a very rich, successful and talented gangster. Probably the most successful music producer of our time.
·         Talent has nothing to do with age.
Why I love the show so much:
It provides an opportunity for talented people to get noticed who wouldn’t have the chance normally.
The contestants are really hilarious.

Breaking Dawn Part two

I foolishly said that I feared being bored in the cinema while watching the last of this series.

I sat there chewing fingernails. It was spectacular. The other four movies in the franchise were average at best, but they managed to turn this into a great adventure.

When Bella is turned into a vampire by Edward, the Volturi mistakenly believe that their hybrid child, Renesmee, is an immortal child (who were wiped out because of their inability to learn control). Aro’s (played by Michael Sheen) greed is displayed spectacularly. Michael Sheen was the perfect choice for the character.

I appreciated that they followed the book for at least 95% of the time – it is very frustrating when directors/screenwriters/whoever changes the storyline. There is one amazing scene, that wasn’t in the book, that will leave you gob-smacked for a while. I won’t say too much, for those who still need to watch it. I nearly chewed off my hand at that particular part, just by the way.

If you are not a twilight fan, and want to experience some of it just to be informed, this is definitely the movie to watch. It joined my favourite movies of 2012 list, and let me tell you, that is a fantastic honour since there was so many greats this year.


Happy Friday, people!
I am hysterically happy that it is the end of the week.
Work is very rough at the moment. 
But I am getting my reward.
Watching Breaking Dawn tonight.
To be honest, I have mostly outgrown it, but I am fond of it nonetheless.
I will watch this last instalment with happiness, but don’t expect any tears when it is done!
I have started watching the third season of Pretty Little Liars.
Had no idea I would end up so addicted to the show. Go try it out if you need something new to watch!
Another good thing is that I have started writing again.
Not like the blog (that too), but something of a story.
I have been having something of a writers block these past few years. Maybe if I am lucky, I will be able to finish the book. regardless if it ever gets published, I will be proud of myself. It is a great way of releasing my tension.
Have a good day, peeps.


I can’t believe that November is almost over. I am so thankful that December is approaching. I just want this year over and done with. Sorry, but 2012 has been crap.
I thought I was the only one who felt like this. Silly me. It seems everywhere I look someone is suffering from emotional or physical exhaustion. People are tired and cranky, and they are ready to explode at the slightest provocation. When I get home at night, I am coherent for about an hour and then the exhaustion nearly kills me.
Why? I simply think that this year has run its course and people are simply over it. I do not think the world will end (alas, we are not that lucky) but it would seem that things are different. A frightening fact that I have always believed is that the earth will survive and repair itself from all the human damage, while the humans might not be so lucky.
I am not sure WHAT is wrong with humanity. Why is there so little tolerance towards other religions and cultures and sexuality? We are not to judge, we are not perfect. Yet my Facebook status updates was bombarded with irritated posts regarding Dewali. I understand the frustration regarding the crackers, my pets were afraid too, but just respect other people’s religion too, please.
Also more than a little shocked with what is happening with the demolition of “illegal” houses in Lenasia, south of Johannesburg. These are not shacks, government. these are ACTUAL houses. For them to have been built, the builders would need permits – from the GOVERNMENT. Hope my point is made there.
Anyhow, apologies for the ranting. 
here is to a good December and 2013!

A writer worth mentioning

I have always been a fan of romantic literature. But as of late, I became increasingly annoyed with the unrealistic storyline  and female characters obsessed with finding a mate, while the writer still trying to portray her as strong and independent.
I decided to try something new. I have been reading different genres or simply different writers than I usually would. While still loving anything Nora Roberts wrote, I knew I was starting to outgrow the books I normally loved.
I regarded Marian Keyes as just another romance novelist (even though I had heard great reviews about her) Therefore, I reluctantly chose to read one of her books during a night of great boredom. I chose to read Rachel’s Holiday. What a surprise. Meet Rachel, a drug addict who refuses to acknowledge her addiction, even though she was hospitalised after an overdose. You follow her journey through recovery. It is comical, painful and beautiful. Rachel is as real to you as someone you would know personally (the mark of a truly good book). She is relatable and flawed, desperately insecure and carries baggage. Every woman that reads about her will find something that they can relate to.
What I love about Marian’s books is that they have elements of romance in, but the ladies struggle with other problems too.
I also read The Other Side of the Story. It is complex and very beautiful.
This weekend I chose to read This Charming Man. I read 700 pages of the 800 pages in two days (a new record even for me). I have never been more eager to get to see how it ends. She addresses woman abuse, power hungry men and insecure females. Without giving away too much, you will be so touched and appalled and completely addicted. There is only one character I hate more than Paddy de Courcy is Dolores Umbridge (from Harry Potter).
Definitely give one of her books a try!

Leave of abscense

It feels like it has been ages since I wrote on here (I think I wrote sometime Monday). Life has been rather hectic lately. It seems like I will have to really work very hard to get to December and my leave (I can’t wait to take some time off)
I am not writing much on here because of my current workload, and when I finally get home at night, I just pass out on the bed and sleep. But I miss it terribly! ;( I promised myself when I started a blog, I would stay dedicated to it and not lose track. So I WILL continue to keep posting, even though it is just every few days.
Keep well!