A writer worth mentioning

I have always been a fan of romantic literature. But as of late, I became increasingly annoyed with the unrealistic storyline  and female characters obsessed with finding a mate, while the writer still trying to portray her as strong and independent.
I decided to try something new. I have been reading different genres or simply different writers than I usually would. While still loving anything Nora Roberts wrote, I knew I was starting to outgrow the books I normally loved.
I regarded Marian Keyes as just another romance novelist (even though I had heard great reviews about her) Therefore, I reluctantly chose to read one of her books during a night of great boredom. I chose to read Rachel’s Holiday. What a surprise. Meet Rachel, a drug addict who refuses to acknowledge her addiction, even though she was hospitalised after an overdose. You follow her journey through recovery. It is comical, painful and beautiful. Rachel is as real to you as someone you would know personally (the mark of a truly good book). She is relatable and flawed, desperately insecure and carries baggage. Every woman that reads about her will find something that they can relate to.
What I love about Marian’s books is that they have elements of romance in, but the ladies struggle with other problems too.
I also read The Other Side of the Story. It is complex and very beautiful.
This weekend I chose to read This Charming Man. I read 700 pages of the 800 pages in two days (a new record even for me). I have never been more eager to get to see how it ends. She addresses woman abuse, power hungry men and insecure females. Without giving away too much, you will be so touched and appalled and completely addicted. There is only one character I hate more than Paddy de Courcy is Dolores Umbridge (from Harry Potter).
Definitely give one of her books a try!

One thought on “A writer worth mentioning

  1. Oh man, I don't think there will ever be anyone that takes the cake quite like Umbridge, and trust me, many authors have come close. Love the write up! Keep it up! Maaaaaybe I will have a look at one of her works… suggest something not too sappy?

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