Breaking Dawn Part two

I foolishly said that I feared being bored in the cinema while watching the last of this series.

I sat there chewing fingernails. It was spectacular. The other four movies in the franchise were average at best, but they managed to turn this into a great adventure.

When Bella is turned into a vampire by Edward, the Volturi mistakenly believe that their hybrid child, Renesmee, is an immortal child (who were wiped out because of their inability to learn control). Aro’s (played by Michael Sheen) greed is displayed spectacularly. Michael Sheen was the perfect choice for the character.

I appreciated that they followed the book for at least 95% of the time – it is very frustrating when directors/screenwriters/whoever changes the storyline. There is one amazing scene, that wasn’t in the book, that will leave you gob-smacked for a while. I won’t say too much, for those who still need to watch it. I nearly chewed off my hand at that particular part, just by the way.

If you are not a twilight fan, and want to experience some of it just to be informed, this is definitely the movie to watch. It joined my favourite movies of 2012 list, and let me tell you, that is a fantastic honour since there was so many greats this year.

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