I have a confession:
I really love reality shows.
I am watching the X factor USA season 1 now. The SABC (public broadcaster in SA) often airs older versions of international reality shows (that is why I am watching season 1).
Thoughts when I am watching:
·         I swear some of the contestants have no one that loves them. I would never allow someone I care about to make their name bananas in front of millions.
·         For what is Paula Abdul famous? I have never seen or heard of her, yet she gets so much international coverage.
·         Simon Cowell is incredibly attractive for an older gentleman. I like his narkiness too.
·         L.A. Reid scares me a little. He seems like a very rich, successful and talented gangster. Probably the most successful music producer of our time.
·         Talent has nothing to do with age.
Why I love the show so much:
It provides an opportunity for talented people to get noticed who wouldn’t have the chance normally.
The contestants are really hilarious.

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