happy december

I just can’t believe that 2012 is in its last month.
Here is my list of things I love about December:
Summer time
December is full summer season here in South-Africa. We get to have Christmas under a sunny sky, and while I would love a white Christmas, I will always think of summer and warmth in December.
December was made just to have fun. Everyone winds down, reconnects and parties like crazy. I love being with everyone that I care about, and just having the best time ever.
Planning for the New Year:
Getting everything in order and thinking about what goals you want to achieve is part of the fun for me.
Reflecting on what has passed:
I think about everything I experienced this year, and no matter how sad I have been, I wouldn’t change a thing. Everything happened for a reason, and now I am a better person for it.
I get to spend time with all my family members. Nothing can ever beat this. I regularly want to throw someone with something in my household, but I love them so much. Spending time with them, respecting our age old traditions of sleeping downstairs Christmas night, eating delicious food and opening presents is definitely something I will pass on to my children.
Everyone is just so damn happy and festive. The shopping malls are lined with trees, lights and decorations. That feeling no one can describe perfectly. Everything is frantic leading up to Christmas, and then it stops, hushes and becomes so magical on Christmas day.
This is the season where you can eat anything you like, without feeling guilty. I refuse to believe that Christmas food will make you gain weight. It is a lie, so don’t believe it!
I love presents. Giving, Receiving, shopping for them, wrapping them, and making cards, looking at them under the tree, opening them. I LOVE IT.
Finally, I love the fact that it is resting time. I get to sleep late, do anything I want, loaf, and suntan and drink cocktails. December is the best month there is, to my mind.

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