Movies 2012 Part 1

The fact that 2012 is drawing to a close is unbelievable in itself. the year has had its ups and downs, and one definite up is the quality of the movies that were produced. I am will be posting a few articles around this topic, since one would be insufficient.

Today’s genre is any type of Action Hero movie, or that falls under the genre of Action or Drama. I do not usually watch Action, but saw some good films this year. I have been getting into comic books being produced into films in the past few years, but it has really exploded this year (lucky me). It is surely due to the fact that the hype around vampires are slowly dying, and the market is needing new money makers.

Side note: Most of the movies on here were released in 2012, but I am also mentioning movies I watched on DVD for the first time.
My favourite movie of all time – this is a most honourable award, since I love watching movies. I was mind blown by the graphics, characters, events and execution. It rather deserved breaking nearly all movies records in history, and cemented my love for super heroes permanently.
Rating: 9.5/10

The Dark Knight Rises:
While finding the movie a tiny bit too long, I enjoyed seeing Christian Bale as Batman. This was the first movie of the franchise I watched, and afterwards saw the others as well. Tom Hardy was unrecognisable as Bane, and I think he has truly developed into a fantastic actor. The tragedy involving this film at Colorado, US, nearly overshadowed the hype of the film, but Christian Bale rose to the occasion and proved that he really was a superhero by visiting the victims in hospital. You have earned my eternal respect, Mr Bale.
Rating: 8/10
Safe house
Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds brought their acting to South-Africa for this movie, and I was duly impressed with the landmarks I recognised in the background. I am of the opinion that this is a strong storyline and was excellently executed. I am all for the rumours I hear about a second instalment.
Rating: 7/10
Thor and Captain America
Both films weren’t released in 2012, but deserve mentioning because they led up to the Avengers. I am not sure if I enjoyed Thor for the correct reasons (Chris Hemsworth and those shoulders) but it seemed like a pretty good movie. I wasn’t overly impressed with Captain America, but enjoyed it to a certain extent.
Thor: 7/10
Captain America: 6.5/10

Iron Man (one and two)
Robert Downey Jnr. is superb in everything he does, and he continues with his stellar reputation in these two instalments. I am sick with excitement for Iron Man 3 next year.
Both: 8.5/10

What are your thoughts on this?

2 thoughts on “Movies 2012 Part 1

  1. Well, well, well. What have we here? Too much Avengers I dare say! 😛 Just kidding, I know you loved it. I maintain, however, that the Dark Knight trilogy was way superior in every way. Teehee.I love Iron Man, but I cannot kid around and say I am getting too excited. The suit looks too… Captain America in metal. Tsssk tsssk.I will, however, try out Safe House. I should have a look sometime soon, I would like to see these landmarks you speak of!My great movies for 2012 so far have been: The Dark Knight Rises, Skyfall, The Hunger Games, The Amazing Spider-Man… erm… I can't pull them all from the top of my head, but there were some decent ones this year, and then, naturally, some not so decent ones!Great post!

  2. Also, I know it is a 2011 movie, but you must really invest in watching 50/50. I watched it this year, and I think it was fantastic!

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