If you have managed to take your sparkling eyes of the fact that it is DECEMBER, you will notice that today is a pretty special day. Today is 12/12/12 – the only time we will ever see a date like that again. Wow!
Here is a list of random things that make me happy. We could all use a little happy in our lives.
Modern family: by far the best show I have watched lately. 
Nail polish: Nothing feels better than looking down at your pretty nails.
Buying stuff: It doesn’t need to be expensive, just getting something small has a major cheering up factor.
Taking a walk at the end of the day. I don’t even care about the exercise – it is a great way to clear your head.
I have started drawing again. Talk about free therapy!
I am in a phase where I am planning everything. It makes me extremely happy, so I am not over analysis it too much.
My clean room. it is so fun to get home each day and walk into a clean room. I am trying really hard to maintain it!
What makes you happy?

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