Lovely long weekend

Long weekends are the best ever. The 16th of December was celebrated in pre-democracy South-Africa as commemoration of the Battle of Bloedrivier (Slag van Bloedrivier), when the Afrikaners defeated the Zulu’s on 16 December 1838* Today we celebrate the 16th as the day of Reconciliation between black and white people in South-Africa.
On Friday night we went and watched the Hobbit. I will post on it later on, but it was a good movie. Saturday I did the most of my Christmas shopping (Finally!) and Sunday it was my sister’s engagement party (outstanding success) and on Monday I cleaned out my room and closet, did my nails, and had some relaxing time.
The best thing about long weekends is that you can do most of the things you never have time for. All in all, it was a great weekend.
PS: It is my last week of work, and then I am on leave until the 14th of January 2013!! I am just so excited!

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