Last of 2012 Movie Reviews

Here is my last reviews of the movies I watched in 2012. Hope you enjoy it.

As a rule, I would prefer any other movie to an animation. It always seems a bit silly, childish and badly produced. But there will always be cases where I am either: a) forced to watch b) get bribed into watching and c) (very unlikely) willingly watch, an animation.
Hotel Transylvania: 
Willingly chose to watch.
The story of a hotel started by Count Dracula is fun, sweet and entertaining. I did not expect to enjoy it, and was pleasantly surprised. There is enough adult humour in to make it bearable for parents to sit through, whilst keeping the fun factor for the kiddies. The only drawback was the cinema full of children – not my cup of tea. 
Rating: a well-deserved 8/10

Despicable Me: 
Got bribed into watching.
Despicable me is a story about three little orphan girls stealing the heart of an “evil” man. It was sweet, funny and very cute. One of the few animation films I would watch again. Really well done. 
Rating: 8/10

Madagascar 3: 
Got forced into watching.
I will not watch this again under threat of torture. Poorly done and a good example why certain movies shouldn’t have sequels. Strictly for children. 
Rating: 3/10
Any animation suggestions?

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