I am officially in my last week of holiday.
It may sound crazy, but I am rather excited to get back to work. I was simply not made for doing nothing.
Being my new organised self, I am busy sorting out my life before I return. 
Unisa is naturally frustrating me again with their online registration. I am taking a break before I break my laptop.
I am getting very close to testing for my drivers license. Freaking out a bit because of that. I would love to actually have one.
Getting back to my healthy lifestyle is going okay. I am cleaning the house like a demented person, so I excersise is no problem . I am also taking walks each day, not eating everything I see, and not taking in too much unhealthy beverages.
Which gets me to my one new years resolution: NOT drinking alchohol. 
It is going great so far. But my birthday is on the 25th of January. I am trying to think of ways to celebrate without involving alchohol. Not an easy task.
How is 2013 so far for you?

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