Democracy gone wrong.

The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter.

Winston Churchill

South-Africans have gone crazy. It is strike season. This refers to this part of the year when every employee in every sector suddenly feels that they are being misused, underpaid, and disadvantaged.

I work in the nurses’ residence at a certain hospital, and we cannot get in every morning because the student nurses stand around at the entrance. THEY JUST STAND THERE. They refuse to go to class because they claim some teacher is failing them on purpose. While that is a credible concern, standing in front of a building and refusing to go to class will not fix anything.

I probably need to be thankful that they are not resorting to the other methods of unhappy strikers. Here in SA, it is not uncommon for protesters to burn down buildings, barricade highways, burn tires, assault employees who are not striking, attack the police, etc., etc.

Do not get me wrong. Their concerns are valid. Employment standards need to be seriously reviewed in this country, and working conditions are often unconstitutional. Anyone who suffers to exist on a measly salary will eventually get angered if they see their employers driving around in new Merc’s, BMW’s and Nissan Bakkies.

My irritation stems from the facts that the country comes to a standstill every time someone is unhappy!  So, this is my formal request to all South-Africans – please go through proper forms of communication to report your demands.

Thank you

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