One million words

I have always wanted to write. As a teen, I used to write stories. I never finished one, but at least I was busy doing something creative. As I grew older, I let the writing slide. It is only lately that I have been feeling like I lost a piece of myself there. I love writing, it makes me feel better. It gives me something to focus on. To me, writing is both analytical and creative. It uses both parts of the brain, making me feel completely relaxed.

Things I won’t write

Vampire fiction: I will not be yet another writer who jumps on the bandwagon, and writes some Twilight knock off. I have a few ideas in my head, but honestly, there is nothing original that can be produced from this genre.

Books taking on religions: I despise any type of books that make sarcastic references to religion.

Soppy, romantic shit: Yuck. If I ever write romance, it will have a character with a spine, not some dumb bimbo who attracts the attentions of a sexy billionaire. How lame.

Science fiction: I am just not into that.

Psychological books: Self-help books have always annoyed me.

Main reasons why I stop writing after a few pages

Frustration that I am not typing faster, unable to get the story out.

Not feeling connected to the characters.

Feeling the story is droopy, without backbone.

Not knowing how to express what I am thinking (this has always been a problem. I can think it, but I struggle to write it)

My sister stealing my laptop at night and it really isn’t appropriate to write at work. Much.

My thoughts come out jumbled, jumping between different topics.

Spell checker annoys the shit out of me. And that green underlining when Word thinks you are using wrong sentence construction.

To combat this and achieving my life long goal, I started to blog. Short articles (steadily getting longer) and you get to say what you want to say on a social platform. Even though it has only been a few months, I am seeing drastic improvement in my writing style. I now actually can word my thoughts more frequently, and it just goes quicker. I want to try to write a million words – how amazing would that be? If I can do that, I can surely somewhere find my writing style and produce a book worth reading. If you take 1 000 000 words, divide it by an average of 500 words (per blog article) you will need to write 2000 articles. That is an article each day for nearly 5 and half years! So I will either start writing longer articles, or producing short novels.

Things I do want to write about

A book people can relate to.

An epic tale or journey, with awesome characters, amazing suspense, and a dramatic end.

A crime novel.

A book about love so deep and pure it takes your breath away.

But for now, I am content scribbling about my life, interests, and occasionally opening a few word files I keep my sketchy book ideas in.

If you have any comments or ideas about writing, and how to develop yourself, please comment below! J



2 thoughts on “One million words

  1. i will commit the crime and you can write a novel about me.. theehee you can make the topic (frustrated girl became a killer) based on the true story of Leonie

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