Two Broke Girls


Caroline Channing had the perfect life until her father got locked up for fraud. She was well loved, spoiled, and had enough money to do everything she wants. After her father’s imprisonment, she is broke, homeless, and without any friends. When she desperately applies for work as a waitress, she lies on her application to her abilities about waitressing. Max, the other waitress, immediately realises that Caroline doesn’t have a clue how to do the work. Max reluctantly agrees not to sell Caroline out to their boss, Han. After finding out that every friend Caroline thought she had deserted her, and that she slept the night on the subway, she offers Caroline a place to stay.

The pair becomes friends and roommates, even though they have nothing in common. In direct contrast to Caroline’s eternal optimism and good mood, Max is sceptical about everything, with a dark humorous outlook on life.

When Caroline tastes Max’s homemade cupcakes, she realises their potential. After much nagging, she convinces Max that they should start a business together. They start saving and working to their goal, $200 000, but it moves painfully slow and they make many mistakes on their journey.



For a light hearted comedy, I really enjoyed this show. It took a while to grow on me, but now I find it hysterical. The show is littered with bawdy humour, and I just crack up. It might offend some people, and I wouldn’t recommend it as a show to watch with young children around. The casting was well done. Kat Dennings stars as Max Black, perfectly suited for the role. Beth Behrs, who plays Caroline Channing, can be sometimes annoying with that squeaky voice, but overall I was impressed with her performance. Jennifer Coolidge is her normal hilarious self as Sophie, their Polish neighbour. I don’t know what it is about the woman, but everything that comes out of her mouth is extra funny. Another plus for the show is that each episode is about 22 minutes. If you are insanely busy but still dying for some entertainment, this is a good choice.

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