The Mentalist

Baker Mentalist

Patrick Jane work as a consultant for the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI). Patrick used to be a fake medium, pretending to talk to the dead on live television. Even then, he was involved with the CBI, searching for a horrific serial killer by the name Red John.  He started working as a full time consultant to the CBI after Red John murdered his family, and his sole purpose in life is to catch the monster that destroyed his life.

Patrick Jane is the Mentalist. He refuses to acknowledge that he has psychic powers, claiming that all psychics are frauds. It is obvious that he has a rare talent, but he assigns it to reading people, their body movements and words very carefully.

Patrick works under Senior Special Agent Teresa Lisbon (Robin Turney). Her team also includes: Special Agents Kimball Cho (Tim Kang), Wayne Rigsby (Owain Yeoman) and newest member, Grace van Pelt (Amanda Righetti). Together they investigate special crimes, and it is more often than not that Patrick’s masterful observation skills that solve the case at the end.

Simon Baker the Mentalist

The face Red John leaves as his signature mark – drawn with the victim’s blood.

The dynamic between the team is amusing and well thought out. Rigsby and Cho are close friends, often teasing one another  as male friends often do. Rigsby and Grace are attracted to one another, but know they cannot have a relationship and work for the CBI together. Patrick has the truly rare ability to offend most people, often picking the most pompous as a target. He frustrates the team consistently by not following proper procedure, ignoring commands, and withholding information from them. At the top of their order is Lisbon. She is hardworking, addicted to her job, and seems to have no personal life at all. She is the only person Patrick connects to, sharing the story of how he managed to pick up his life after the death of his family.

Rating: 8/10

This is one of the best shows I have ever watched. Simon Baker stars as Patrick Jane. He manages to capture the essence of Jane: a charismatic, funny, obnoxious, kind, and tortured soul. He really deserves accolades for what he achieved in this role. The Mentalist manages to be both funny and sad at the same time. It is intelligent, fresh material, and really well thought out. You never even suspect the killer, and at the end it is a wonderful surprise. I have become so used to figuring out the “who did it” in other shows, that it is a fresh breath of air to finally have to wait until the end to know what happened.

Favourite episode: Flame Red.

I would definitely recommend this show to anyone in need of intelligent content. It is wonderfully done.

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