Soccer City and other stuff

You can sleep when you are dead

That is apparently my new philosophy on life. This weekend was hectic! I am so exhausted, and in desperate need for a new weekend just to recover from the craziness.

On Friday night we had a girl’s night. We went to watch an Afrikaans movie, Klein Karoo, at the Glen shopping centre’s Nu Metro cinema. It was cute, and very cheesy. I will definitely post a review on it later this week. Afterwards, we went for a few drinks at a club close by, but left quickly. That scene certainly wasn’t ours! A friend suggested another pub in Alberton, called Tudors, and we went there instead. It was LOADS better.


Saturday I went with my friend Anèll to another friend’s church for their annual Old Motor show. It was really inspiring to see how cars can be preserved. There were cars up to a hundred years old, and still in working condition. Amazing hey?

On Sunday I came in to work for a bit (meh) and then in the evening I went to the AFCON final at Soccer City stadium, Soweto, SA. It is always nice to go to the stadium – it is a wonderful reminder of our country’s success at hosting the 2010 Fifa World Cup. The stadium was in pristine condition as always. The opening ceremony was wonderful, with the formation of the African continent my favourite part. Then the match started with an amazing display of dizzying footwork. Nigeria and Burkina Faso both deserved to be in the final, and win the trophy. At the end of the match Nigeria won 1-0, and took the trophy home for the 3rd time. The stadium was in ecstasy, since most of the fans there was for Nigeria.

Africa formation 20130210

Africa formation during opening ceremony.

In front of stadium

Me in front of stadium

Orange glove

Large plastic gloves main sponsor Orange gave to everyone in the stadium.

Soccer city

Soccer City at night.

So I am naturally exhausted, but rather happy with the weekend.

How did yours go?


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