Book Review: Hidden Star (Nora Roberts)

Stars of Mithra

Book: 3/100

Most of the time I am a  fan of Nora Roberts. She has a legion of fans, which is quite understandable as she is the most widely published romantic author of our times. Roberts has about 209 romance novels out there. It seems a given to me that not all of those novels can be literary greats, but she fact remains that she has a lovely way to tell a tale, and I enjoy her works 90% of the time.

Hidden Star is the first novel in the trilogy of the Mithra Stars. Bailey James, a gemmologist, is contracted by the Smithsonian to verify the authenticity of the Stars. When Bailey starts to suspect that there is a plot to steal the Stones, she sends two of the stars to her best friends, MJ O’Leary and Grace Fontaine.

After witnessing a traumatic incident that causes her memory loss, Bailey stumbles into Parris investigations for help. Cade Parris, an attractive, rich socialite, chose to open a detective agency against the wishes of his family. When he sees Bailey, his world comes to a standstill. He is touched by her distress, and immediately feels protective towards her. Together they set out to find who she is, and the only clues they have is 1.2 US dollars in cash, a fully loaded gun, and a huge blue diamond. It also seems telling that she has an extensive knowledge of gems, making her a candidate for an occupation in jewellery or gemmology.

As Bailey and Cade rapidly fall for each other, Bailey starts to regain her memory in pieces. First, she gets clear images of her two friends, as they are closest to her. Then, after a while, she dreams/remembers the initials TS, and two men who look alike. Cade, with his superior investigative skills, deduces that the men are twins, and leads him towards Timothy and Thomas Salvini, Bailey’s stepbrothers. Together they set out to Salvini, a jewellery company, and find Timothy dead at the scene. Bailey regains her memory, and realises that her brothers were the people who were bribed to steal the stone, planning to leave her with the mess. Thomas attacks Bailey, and is killed as well. Now, they need to find her missing friends, and keep the stones safe from the stranger so set on taking possession of them.



Although I enjoyed the book, I had a few eye rolling moments. The storyline was interesting enough, but falling so quickly for someone seems a bit ludicrous. As always, I enjoyed Robert’s fantastic research of the occupations she uses in her books. I found Bailey a bit pathetic, with her helplessness, and Cade was just too unrealistic to be a real man. I would recommend this as intelligent romance, even if it follows the generic storyline. It was well done, but not life changing.



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