Book Review: Secret Star (Nora Roberts)

Book: 6/100

Secret Star is the conclusion to the Stars of Mithra series. The previous books, Hidden Star and Captive Star, saw Bailey James and MJ O Leary chase to save their lives, and find love. Now, with both of them safe, the only missing person and star is Grace Fontaine.

Detective Seth Buchanan arrives at Grace’s apartment to inspect her dead body; he is struck by the waste of her death. The portrait of Grace on the wall stuns him, and he constantly returns to it. But Grace returns to her flat – alive, causing confusion to whom the victim might be. Grace identifies her as a niece, part of the family who despises Grace for her wealth and beauty.

The former centrefold model and detective Buchannan are constantly sniping at each other. He is constantly annoyed with the rumours that surround Grace, her ability to turn grown men into puppies, and his attraction to her. He finally acts on it, but turns away multiple times in fear of losing control. He sets out to find the people behind the bodies that keep piling up because of the stones.

When Grace invites Seth to a dinner gala, he accompanies her only to spend time with her, not for the party. There, they meet Ambassador Gregor deVane. He is strikingly handsome, and becomes obsessed with Grace. It is finally revealed that he is responsible for all the murders, and also the person who wanted to steal the Stones.

Seth fights with Grace, feeling that she is becoming too essential in his life. He leaves in anger, but returns when her alarm goes off. He finds an empty house, and knows Ambassador deVane took her. Arresting him is impossible, so Seth, Jack and Cade set out to free her. Grace takes matters into her own hands, fleeing her room, and finds Seth on her way out. He hands her over to Jack, and goes back in to get DeVane, where he ends up killing him.

Grace runs from the city, still angry at Seth for his cruelty. When he arrives at her country home, she is afraid to take him back. He begs her, promising a life of love and children, and she finally accepts.

Rating: 4.5/10

Although the book was entertaining at times, I have read better Nora Roberts’ books. The basic outline of all three books are generic romance types, and I cannot say I didn’t know how it would end. Seth and Grace seem unrealistic as a couple, and Seth seems like an ass most of the time. Grace is written to portray that beautiful women have morals and aspirations as well, but I wasn’t too impressed with her. It was still a good read though, and I can predict that I will pick it up again if I am bored J

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