Book challenge: Progress

Since February (when I started my 100 books challenge) I have read quite a bit. Although it has mainly been the type of books I traditionally read, I have started on some new genres as well. If you have ideas to what I should be reading, please feel free to drop suggestions in the comments.

Here is my completed reading list so far:

Chasing Fire – Nora Roberts

The Search- Nora Roberts

Hidden Star- Nora Roberts

Fallen Star- Nora Roberts

Captive star- Nora Roberts

Bloodlines – Richelle Mead

The Golden Lily- Richelle Mead

The Fiery Heart- Richelle Mead

Nicholas Sparks – The Guardian

Books I am busy reading right now:

Nicholas Sparks – The Lucky one

Stephen King – Carrie

Lewis Carrol – Alice in Wonderland

Books I am planning to read:

Susan Collins: Hunger Games

Susan Collins: Catching Fire

Susan Collins: Mockingjay

 Harry Potter (Philosopher’s Stone, Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban, Goblet of Fire, Order of the Phoenix, Half-blood Prince, Deathly Hallows)

JK Rowling: The Casual Vacancy

Marian Keyes: The Mystery of Mercy Close

Khaled Hosseini: A thousand splendid suns

Don’t you just love books?

4 thoughts on “Book challenge: Progress

  1. I still maintain you should try some Karin Slaughter, Stieg Larsson, a dash of Anne Rice maybe (???) and tons more Stephen King. I see you have taken some steps outside of your boundaries (with Carrie), and that is awesome! You can do it!

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