Tuesday Thoughts

Probability and Statistics:  What is the probability of me thinking of throwing my Statistics book out of the window and not doing it or the probability of thinking of throwing my Statistics book out of the window and actually doing it? I am fighting with Statistics each evening now to finish an assignment for Friday. It makes no sense. Everybody tries to explain it by telling me about a dice falling to one side (or something) but really, that makes no sense either.

Feeling age creep up. I am only 23, but I feel so old these days. Everyone near my age group is pregnant, engaged, married or wildly successful. That means 23 isn’t that young right?! I need to start checking for wrinkles and grey hair. Sigh.

Reading Nora Roberts again and I am loving this book a whole lot. The best feeling in the world is when a book grips you and won’t let go.

I am moving over to a Samsung phone when I upgrade. I am completely over my BlackBerry 😐

I want to go watch The Wizard of Oz this weekend. It looks to be very entertaining.

I love quotes and quirky statements on a pretty background. They are motivating, true and make me laugh out loud. Which is awesome.

Einstein quote


Get drunk

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images (16)

Maya Angelou quote

have a happy Tuesday!


One thought on “Tuesday Thoughts

  1. I’ve hit the point too where friends are beginning to do all those real life things. Don’t worry about it, enjoy the free time you have left and read! haha

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