Weekend and Books

It feels like ages since I have posted anything. Quite understandable, since it has been ages. I had a lovely long weekend. I was away from work since Thursday, which was Human Rights Day here in South-Africa, and I took the Friday off as well. It was so great to just relax for a bit!

Here is a review of a book I read this weekend:

Montana Sky by Nora Roberts:

Book: 10/100

It has been a while since a Nora Roberts book really captivated me, so I was surprised when this one did. It focuses on Mercy Ranch, where Jack Mercy’s death brings nothing but more trouble for his younger daughter, Willa Mercy. Raised by her strict and mean father, Willa struggles to deal with the death of the man that never really loved or praised her. As if torturing her in life was not enough, he leaves the ranch to Willa and to her two sisters she has never met: Lily and Tess. They both arrive at the memorial, and hearing they need to stay with Willa on the ranch for one year to be able to cash in their share of it. to add more insult to the will, Jack Mercy appoints a supervisor over the estate for one year: Ben McKinnon, who has always been an irritant to Willa.

For Tess, a screenwriter in Hollywood, living on Mercy is initially a punishment she endures with a lot of complaining. She bumps heads with Willa often as they are both strong headed, but she slowly falls for the beauty of the ranch and the lovely horses. She also starts up a relationship with Nate, Willa’s lawyer and friend.

For Lily, the ranch is a safe haven from her abusive ex-husband, Jesse Cooke. On the ranch she slowly recovers from her horrible marriage and past. She falls in love with Adam Wolfchild, half sibling of Willa.

Unbeknownst to anyone, Jesse Cooke is stalking his ex-wife Lily again. He finds work on Ben’s ranch, and plays poker with the cowboys on Mercy to gain information on her. He is a straight up monster, thinking of Lily constantly as his sole possession. He attacks Lily and Adam in their home, taking Lily into the wilderness. They send out a team immediately, but Lily is found relatively unharmed, but the same cannot be said for her ex-husband. While Lily slept in a fever induced sleep, someone murdered Jesse, and left him with Lily.

Now on the ranch it becomes obvious that there were two killers on the loose, Jesse and another unknown identity.

The farm quiets down, and Willa allows herself to admit she is falling for Ben McKinnon. They are happy, although they don’t discuss what they so obviously feel. Then everything explodes when a cowboy attacks Ham, a loyal worker on the ranch, and takes Willa captive into the wilderness. Jim, a seemingly innocent man, confesses towards all the horrendous murders that happened on the ranch. He claims to be the son of Jack Mercy, and Willa tries to agree with him to save her life. Ben finds them, and kills Jim.

The story ends happily, with all three sisters finding love, and each other.

Rating: 6.5/10

I really enjoyed this book. I have always found something magical in stories about farms and ranches (probably the farming heritage coming through) and this book was no different. I love how Nora Roberts made three such outstanding female characters, each with different versions of courage and power. The story is well written, wrapping horror and romance so effectively together that you become addicted. I will definitely read this book again, since this is the type of novel that made me a Nora Roberts fan to begin with.

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