Weekend, books and stuff

Morning everyone!

I hope all of you had a great weekend? For me, it was very nice, mainly because I got to be home and read some!

First of all, I just need to congratulate my friends Carla and Johan with the birth of their first-born  daughter Lisha. Congrats guys! I won’t be posting any pics of her, since it is kinda creepy, and falls into the same category of posting pictures of a wedding without permission of the bride first. But let me tell you, she is cute.

Secondly, I seriously need a new laptop. Mine broke completely, and now I need one. I am surprised by how much I miss it. Suddenly I have tons of assignments to type up, series to watch, and not to mention the prepping for this blog. I am still procrastinating the buying of it, since spending at least four grand on one single item is really not appealing to me right now – I just noticed how little winter clothes I have!

On the topic of winter – can you believe it is already April?! I had no idea the time was flying so quickly. It is shocking! I really thought I would have much more done by now. But I will be travelling to Mpumalanga at the end of April, to visit my best friend Zoë for her birthday! It is going to be so awesome!

The beginning of April also means that I am fully on the weight loss train again. I have been neglecting my diet and exercising so much, under the excuse of a busy lifestyle. Well, no more! I am joining the girls at the office for our Weight Watchers type of weigh-ins, and I can tell you, the thought of weighing at work is a wonderful motivator to lose weight!

On the book front, I finally finished Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. It felt as if it was taking ages, but when I got to the part where Voldemort returns, I just couldn’t put it down. I started this morning on the Order of the Phoenix. I suspect I will be rather sad when I am finished with all the Harry Potter books. I think I will start on Suzanne Collins’s the Hunger Games after this – I would love to read the books slowly this time.

Here are some motivational quotes for the day







Have a good one!


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