Weekends, books and stuff

Hello 🙂

On Friday night we visited a pub named Gilroy’s. Initially I had misgivings, since I was told I had to drink a beer there (I mean, yuck) but said I would at least try it. I am so glad I did! Gilroy’s is in Johannesburg, on the way to Muldersdrift – even though the road was scary – it was very wet – we arrived safely and settled down. I was immediately impressed with the place. The atmosphere was amazing, and our waiter couldn’t be friendlier. And get this – their handmade beer is actually rather tasty! I would recommend a visit if you are in the vicinity! See their website here.

I finally finished Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It is the most emotionally draining book of the series, and I was thoroughly depressed by the end of it. I have always viewed it as my least favourite book in the series, to the dismay of my friend, but I will now say it is a wonderful book (like I always have), but it still remains the saddest one in the series. I realised I need to start reading to complete my book challenge, but as I am focusing on the studies, I will continue with that in earnest in June again.

On the studying front, I managed to make progress with my Statistics. I did a mental happy dance when I managed to answer questions of the work I studied! Go me go!

Dieting: I didn’t eat as well as I did during the week, but comparing to the way I ate on other weekends recently, I ate like a champ. Weighing later this morning and will post results tomorrow… if I lost that is! 🙂


What did you do this weekend?

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