Hello again

Hello blogreaders!

How long has it been since I last posted? Feels like ages ago. I have been in the studying-cave this entire week, with my nerd hat fully on. I wrote yesterday, I wrote today, and I am writing on Friday. It has been so stressful, with me freaking out and studying until late at night. It really is an unhealthy habit. I am turning into Hermione Granger – double checking facts and being very grumpy and distant during exam time.

Some tips and observations to studying:

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could write exams on a computer? I don’t know if any University does this already, but Unisa doesn’t. Seriously, very few people still write so much these days. It feels like my hands are falling off.

Spelling – my spelling seriously goes to the drain while I am studying. And my handwriting. And my grammar. Haha.

Read through your questions after you finished your exam. You will be surprised with what nonsense you can write if you are pushing your brain to give information.

Don’t drink too much caffeine. When you are finished studying, you will be over stimulated and not be able to sleep.

Stay hydrated – with lots of water preferably.

Take breaks, and do something completely different to freshen up your mind. A walk is a great idea, since it stretches your legs and enables you to think again.

Work through old examination papers. You will get a good idea what type of questions to expect during the course.

On the day of the test:

Read through your work a few times, and try to get to those questions you couldn’t focus on last night.

Stay calm.

Quickly scan through your question paper to reassure yourself, then take your time.

So, good bye for now, I am going to (try) loading some scheduled posts.

Au revoir.


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