Life lately

It has been so hectic and busy. I cannot believe that it is June already. When did that happen? I guess I have been just working to get through my exams and past it, and I did. I am finally done with this semester. Taking 5 subjects and working is not easy. I really hope I did well, but passing everything will also suffice. The best part of being done with exams is all the free time. I constantly find myself wondering what I should start studying, and then rejoicing when I realize I am done.

I finally bought something I need – a tablet. I need to get a new laptop (mine broke) but I while I save for it I got something to keep me occupied. I have an Alcatel onetouch and I am so impressed. For a fraction of the price I would have paid for the more popular tablets, I got everything I wanted. The only drawback is that it only has WiFi, but I am still so impressed!

My book challenge is well on track now. I am nearly at 30 books, and I have read two books written by new authors (for me) as a part of it. Watch out for the reviews next week!

Here at work I have been struggling to adapt to new personalities. Change means growth, but I am really resisting in this case. I really don’t know why. Maybe we just have such different personalities that it seems impossible at this point?

On the weight loss front I am still working hard, and still seeing no significant changes. I have started really training again, so I will see how that goes. I just really want to focus on being healthy and happy.



weight loss motivation 2

Weight Loss Motivation Question 2


What are your plans for the weekend?


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