Book Review: Death duJoir (Kathy Reichs)

Book: 26/100


When my good friend Zoë mentioned that the series of Kathy Reichs is readable, I decided to give it a try. The material is fascinating – is there a more riveting field than Anthropology? I always appreciate a strong female lead, and Dr Temperance Brennan certainly qualifies.

Leading the Anthropology department in Quebec, Doctor Brennan is ordered to exhume the bones of a young nun set for saint hood. When she sees the facial structure of the skeleton, she starts to investigate Sister Elisabet Nicolet’s parentage. Her research is disrupted when she has to investigate bodies in different parts of Canada, and she slowly starts to make the impossible connections that bind these bodies.  She and police officer Andrew Ryan discovers a network of religious fanatics who plans to commit suicide before the “end of the world”. Temperance realizes that her sister’s new enlightenment course is part of this extensive cult, and when Harry goes missing Tempe races against time to not only save her sister’s life, but other innocent members as well.

Rating: 6/10

Getting to know a new author is always a tricky process – especially if you are exploring a new genre as well. I struggled to get into the book – it is as if there wasn’t enough editing done, and the events felt really loosely tied together. All the French phrases that weren’t translated also frazzled me. I found it unnecessary, as the book was in English.

The book was entertaining enough, and the attention to detail made things interesting at times, but also extremely lengthy otherwise. It just seems that the writer uses six pages to describe a scene that could have been done in two, if that makes any sense. I am planning to eventually read the other books in the series, but it is not the types of books that compels me to read them.

Have you read them and what did you think?

One thought on “Book Review: Death duJoir (Kathy Reichs)

  1. I think she dawdles too much. She takes an interesting subject and just… draws it out far too long that you lose interest rapidly. They are not bad books, per se, just not the most compelling ones. I like attention to detail, I do not like it when you lose the story and the point between all of it.

    Awesome review my friend!

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