July to do list and some awesome stuff


I am super impressed this morning. I started the day out fairly grumpy (that is just my natural disposition), but I am happy now. I finally got my last Unisa result – and I PASSED! That is 4/5 subjects passed, which is 80%, which currently means I am awesome. I really am happy. The subject failed is a third year subject, and really difficult, so I am won’t beat myself up over it. I also passed STATISTICS – the bane of my existence. Yes, I am really chuffed.

I also have some cash coming my way – I am really, really happy about that. I am incredibly broke this month. So yes, it is good.

July has come so fast. It is the MIDDLE of the year. It is supposed to be winter in South-Africa right now, but it is really quite warm considering. I love winter, so global warming, please back the hell up.


Pay off some debt and don’t remake it.

Research car prices and availability

Work on budget to be able to afford car payments and live comfortably

Weight and Fitness:



Lose 5kg’s

Work out five times a week, with the possibility of fix.

Stop drinking fuzzy drinks. It is so unhealthy. Even when I choose the sugar free type, I still feel yuck.

Downscale on coffee.


Find bridesmaids dresses

Finalise bridal shower and bachelorettes.

Keep sister from freaking out over her wedding.

Prepare for the visit of my best friend #CannotWait


Read 10 books for my 100 books challenge. I have started on the Mystery of Mercy Close, by Marian Keyes, and I really am enjoying it.


Finish Chuck season 3, and blog about it.


Watch Pretty Little Liars Season 4.


Register at Unisa for new subjects for second semester, start on assignments given. I am so motivated right now because of all my subjects passed.


5 thoughts on “July to do list and some awesome stuff

  1. Awooo friend you are sounding so impressed and motivated, I love it. We are back in the game! I can’t wait to come up and visit in September! Gotta plan that all properly. Is it warm there? Cause it is hot here. Congrats on all the things that you are achieving. How many subjects do you want to do this semester?

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