Life Lately

Hello, dear readers. In whatever part of the world you are, I hope you are having an enjoyable Tuesday. I meant to blog more in detail about what is happening around here yesterday, but it became entirely too hectic at work to justify time spent not working.

The weekend was very busy. First we went bridesmaid’s dresses shopping. Miraculously we found a dress that suits all three of us girls, which is this huge miracle, as we all have different builds. The dress we are wearing looks close to this, in a completely different color:


Afterwards that I worked, and then went to a friend’s celebratory-drinks-coz-its-my-birthday thing. It was very nice – I really enjoyed the company.

Sunday I drove myself (once again) to a coffee shop to go give one of my friends her wedding invite. It was really nice catching up with her. Life is so extremely busy that you really actively have to make time for the people you care about.

What I realized in the last few days:

It is break-up season: Everyone is either having a fight, breaking up or angry at their significant other. I know a lot of people that just went through a break-up, and I am really feeling for them. Whether it is 6 months or six years, it is a terrible feeling, even if you are the person that did the dumping.

Winter decided to be winter:

Suddenly, it is actually winter in Johannesburg. The past month it has only been playing at winter, and has been generally warm. Since this weekend we have had much colder weather, and I am secretly thankful. I rarely enjoy intense heat, and need to have at least a few months of cold to be a happy camper the rest of the year.

Being able to drive around yourself equals the best feeling EVER

I drove around this weekend on my own (courtesy of my sister’s car lent to me) and I felt so incredibly grown up. I can’t wait until I have my own car. Oh the delicious freedom.

Being a grown-up means you do things on time

Like submitting your tax, which I did.

That also means doing your University registration, which I am currently busy with.

Go me.

I finished the Mystery of Mercy Close by Marian Keyes. The last book I read by her was a bit of a disappointment, so I am really happy that this one turned out to be fantastic. Watch out for the review sometime!

On the exercise front, I only managed to get three days in last week. It was a disappointment, mainly because at some stage I felt either to sick/lazy to get anything done. I exercised last night specifically so that I can start the week on a good note.

My phone isn’t endearing itself to me at the moment. The CrapBerry just dies. Halfway through its charging life, it kills itself. I am so over using it and I am considering just getting a standard phone until my contract is over, and then moving to another service provider as well.

I am contemplating watching Despicable Me 2 this weekend – I am NOT a fan of animation, but I can watch the minions any time of the day!



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