Friday’s Five Favorites (Authors)


Welcome to my newest installment on this blog. Each Friday (or as often as I can) I will post my five favorite things from a specific category. As I am a book junkie (you might have noticed), I am starting off the series with my five favorite authors.

 JK Rowling


As the author of the infamous Harry Potter saga, JK Rowling is one of the best known authors on the planet today. The series that made her famous is so phenomenal, and I simply cannot comprehend how people don’t like it. The first book I read of the series was Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and I immediately started searching for the rest. I read all of them in a matter of weeks (those that were available at the time) and I have never looked back. Through the years, I traveled with Harry as he grew up, and eventually, lived happily ever after. Each year I read the books through at least once, just to remind myself that magic really does happen.

 Nora Roberts

chasing fire cover

As my faithful blog readers can confirm, I am constantly reading Nora Roberts. Her romance novels, as well as her crime novels, are in a league of its own in the literary world. There is no scene that is left unperfected, and I have enjoyed her books since I read River’s End, which is a perfect book to be introduced to her. I have to confess, of late I have been shunning her romance novels more and more, but I still enjoy reading most of her material.

Marian Keyes


I have read most of the books written by Marian. Her novels are shockingly human, and she focuses on flaws in the human psyche, while remaining funny. Of all authors, she truly has the ability to make me cry. My favorite book by her is probably Rachel’s holiday.

JRR Tolkien


Author of the brilliant Lord of the Rings trilogy, I am particularly proud that he was born right here in Bloemfontein, South-Africa. His literature is simply the best. I read the lord of the rings at eleven years old, and have never looked back.

Enid Blyton

I thought about who to put up as my fifth favorite author, and while many could qualify, I had to mention a writer who had made me love books. I read every book of her I could find as a child, and I think she is one of the main reasons I am still reading today. Her children books are so full of detail. Most specifically, I can remember when I read her books that I would always be hungry after a paragraph, as she described lunch with such detail.

Who qualifies as your favorite author of all time?

6 thoughts on “Friday’s Five Favorites (Authors)

  1. LOVE the list friend!

    JK Rowling is good, but her last book was just truly godawful, I couldn’t even finish it.

    Everyone keeps telling me to try out Marian Keyes, that it is not just romance BS, but more realistic… I will see…

    That LotR box set? Highly recommended. I haves it! Finds it, Precious! So worth it!

    • I remember. what a perfect set that ❤
      if you ever decide to read Keyes, let me know. i would recommend a ton of books. I am contemplating reading the Casual Vacancy, but we shall see. I do not want to lose my love for her

      • You must send me a list of her books and which order they go in, the secondhand bookshop across the street has a lot of her stuff for CHEAP. Hmmmm… I don’t know. I thought she was just way off with that (and I didn’t even read it thinking that this was the author that gave us Potter). It was like she was attempting the Martina Cole thing and failing miserably!

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