Book Review: The Mystery of Mercy Close (Marian Keyes)

mercy close img

Book: 33/100

Helen Walsh’s life has fallen apart. As part of the economic crisis that is gripping Ireland, Helen’s job as a private investigator has come to a halt. She is forced to move back to her parents after her beloved flat is taken from her.

When Jay Parker shows up with a very urgent job for Helen, she should be thrilled. However, she isn’t very willing to accommodate him, as they are ex-lovers, and she thinks him a conman. She reluctantly agrees to start looking into things. She is searching for a missing member of the band Laddz, set to launch a comeback after their boy band went south years ago. Hunting for the one-time superstar, Helen ends up in Mercy Close, the area in which he lives. She adores his house, with the frightening wall paper, even though it terrifies everyone else.

Helen must also deal with her current boyfriend Arnie, his ex-wife and his three children. They try to make their relationship happen, but they never have any privacy.

Helen must also deal with her recurrent bouts of depression. Being hospitalized at a stage, she tries to contact her old shrink again when she realizes it is getting out of hand again. Her psychiatrist contacts her, and manages to persuade Helen to not commit suicide.

The question now stands: Will Helen find Wayne in time for the Laddz reunion, and will her relationship with Arnie withstand all the pressure?

Rating: 7/10

This truly enjoyable read is truly Marian Keyes. She writes as delightfully as ever, bringing the Helen Walsh we have read about in the other Walsh books into the spotlight. Each Walsh sister is ridiculously messed up, mostly because of the Irish lifestyle they live and Mammy Walsh’s inability to raise her daughters properly. The book is hilarious, witty and funny, but at the same time manages to confront the topic of depression. I would suggest this read to most people, as it isn’t really a romance novel, but more a novel about a real person’s life.


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