Double Review: One Summer and Second Nature by Nora Roberts

Books 34 and 35 of my 100 book challenge


Second Nature

Lee Radcliff, a composed celebrity journalist, is set to interview reclusive horror writer Hunter Brown. She heads to a literary festival where she pretends to be an aspiring writer in order to get close to him. He catches her out, somewhat ridiculously, and is furious with her for not being truthful about her intentions. He refuses to do an interview with her unless she agrees to go camping with him. She grudgingly accepts, but now the question remains: will she be able to withstand their attraction, and survive the outdoors?

Rating: 4/10

Really, I keep telling myself not to read mindless rabble, but I always do. My only excuse is that it is truly easy reading, and demands no spectacular display of concentration after a day’s hard work. Lee Radcliff contains more substance than the characters in the usual gushy romance novels Roberts used to write, but she is still pretty dependant on the thought of a man in her life.

One Summer

The sequel to Second Nature, One Summer has quick reappearances by Lee and Hunter. One Summer tells the tale of celebrity photographer, Bryan Mitchell, and Shade Colby, a photographer who made name for himself by taking action photos in the warzone. They are commissioned to travel across America, chronicling the summer together. Even though they disagree on everything, they remain attracted to each other. Will they be able to survive the summer together?

Rating: 5/10

Superior to its prequel, I enjoyed this book more. Shade is truly a messed up guy, and his struggles are achingly real. I felt for his scars, and his inability to act on his emotions. The main characters’ journey to each other seemed realistic, and even possible. Of the two books, I would recommend this one to people.


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