5 Flipping awesome things I either did or bought


Firstly happy Friday.


Secondly, this is a scheduled post – I hope it works out.

Thirdly, this is my (Fourth) installment of these themed posts, Five things Friday, so I hope you knew that.

See here, here and here

Finally, on topic.

I wanted to call this post the Best 5 decisions I ever made, but that is a hefty honor, supposed to be given to things like Moving to Italy, Finding a cure for AIDS, or helping a puppy from a burning house. Weighty things.

So I called this post: 5 Flipping awesome things I either did or bought.

I began Blogging

I love reading and writing and all things related to literature. I had no outlet for my thoughts (or opinions). Some of my friends read, but not of them as much as I. Blogging was a way to start expressing myself, and since I have started, I have enjoyed it so much. Sometimes it is difficult to post many things, especially during exams, but I cannot think that I will be stopping anytime soon.

Moving to WordPress

I blogged at another blogging site before this. It wasn’t bad, it had a good set-up but the fact remains, when I moved to WordPress, my blog starting moving upwards.

I am not really sure why, but it may be one of these reasons:

WordPress is visited more often,

WordPress does more for its users,

Or I am a better blogger now.

I think it is probably a bit of all three, to be honest. Mostly, I hope it is the third one. Thank you all, by the way, for taking the time to read (and FOLLOW) this blog. It means a lot.

Get my car license

In South-Africa, public transport is dangerous and a proper system is non-existent. It is dangerous to just walk somewhere, as we have a lot of douche-bag-scumbag criminals. Getting a license is important and vital to moving around.

Getting a license can be difficult, as there are many corrupt testing centers in this country. Well, to anyone who bought your license, shame on you, because if I could do this much effort to do it the right way, you can too.

It is freedom. Even just driving around in someone else’s car (I don’t have one yet) is so FREEING.

Buying my tablet


After my laptop left us for good, I desperately needed another device to at least watch stuff on. Enter my Alcatel T10 tablet, which I got for a steal on promotion. It is AMAZING. I can watch anything on it, read as much as I want, and just be connected. As I mentioned before, its only serious drawback is that it is only WiFi.

Organizing my life

This is the first year of my life that I have made an active effort to be more organized. I promised myself that I would submit my tax forms early, and it is really so much less stressful. I have a calendar at home, where I write everything on. It sounds simple, but it really prevents double booking and rushing to get something done because you forgot about it.

What are the best decisions you made lately?


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