Movie Review: The First Time (2012)

The First Time

I went for a movie night with one of my friends, and we decided on this film after watching its preview. I was surprised by the quality of the film – I really thought it would be another vague teen romance.

The film, written and directed by Jon Kasdan, tells the story of two teenagers, and how they fall in love. Dave Hodgman (Dylan O’Brien) meets Aubrey Miller (Britt Robertson) at a party, and they immediately have a connection. Dave is in love with a beautiful girl Jane (Victoria Justice), but sadly he has a case of being severely friend zoned. Aubrey has a much older boyfriend Ronny (James Frecheville). He is focused on his career, and doesn’t really get her.

When the cops arrive at the party, Dave and Aubrey leave, and he walks her home. They have a great conversation, only the type the very young can understand, and he asks her for advice on his sad state of a love life. Aubrey invites Dave inside her house, and they fall asleep together in her room.

The next day, Dave has to escape detection by climbing out of her window. He falls, but luckily isn’t hurt. They see each other at the movies again, but both Ronny and Jane are there. They head off to a party afterwards, and Dave begs Aubrey not to sleep with Ronny when he learns that she is planning to lose her virginity in a van. She calls Dave later, telling him to pick her up, and tells him that she didn’t sleep with Ronny. She reveals she broke up with her boyfriend, and they kiss.

When Aubrey’s parents go out to a function, she realizes the opportunity of an empty house, and invites Dave over. The have sex, and it is traumatic for both of them.

Dave seeks advice from Simon (Craig Roberts) and Big Corporation (LaMarcus Tinker). Big shows that when he speaks he speaks the truth, and tells Dave to be a man, and start acting like one.

1st Time quotes

Dave goes to Aubrey’s house and asks that they still try to be a relationship, even though they messed up their first sexual encounter. He drives Aubrey to class, and she agrees to work on both parts of their relationship. They kiss and make up outside the school, even though Aubrey claimed in the beginning that she hates PDA.

Rating: a solid and unexpected 6.5/10

I was surprised and impressed by this film. It is real and funny, and tells a true tale about love and first encounters. Often movies glosses over awkward situations, but this movie is so awkward you just want to hide your face under the pillow in shame. All the characters were portrayed very well – both leads were exceptionally cast.

This is a really refreshing film to watch, and I would recommend it mostly to girls and young women.

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