Book Review: Eclipse (Stephanie Meyer)

I have varying degrees of tolerance towards the Twilight phenomenon. It really depends on my mood. Most of the time it really is just a mediocre book to me – it doesn’t inspire the either the complete outrage or adoration it has divided readers into.

In defense for the series, I have to mention that originality is celebrated in all other genres – why is it so impossible for it to be celebrated in Vampires? It is so much better than the fan-fiction it has caused to erupt – like 50 Shades of Grey (E.L. James). That, my dear readers, is atrocious material.


What happens? 

Bella finally has Edward back. In New Moon, Edward fled her life in a bid to protect her, but it was disastrous for both of them. He returns to Forks, but has to face the consequences of leaving her alone for so long. Jacob Black, a werewolf, is one of them. In the months Edward was away, Jacob became Bella’s “replacement sun”. She is in no way as in love with him as he is with her, but Edward still has to deal with her lasting attachment to another mystical being. Another problem is Victoria – the mate of the vampire James who Edward killed in Twilight, the first book. Victoria, like any other vampire, needs to avenge the death of her mate, and is hell bent on torturing Bella to death to hurt Edward. The Volturi is keeping a close eye on Bella, intent that she either becomes immortal or be silenced permanently to keep their secret world, well, secret.

When it becomes obvious that there is an army of new-born vampires on the loose, the Cullens know that they will have to intervene, or risk the Volturi arriving and checking in on Bella.

Will Edward and Bella survive this new storm?

Rating: 5/10

Like I mentioned, the book is average. It is a good love story – two people fighting to be together no matter what. Everyone is (supposed) to like that. The book itself is not badly written – in fact I find it quite readable. It is much better than some critically acclaimed books.

Bella’s character gets a lot of bad press. At the end of the day, she is day a teenage girl, which makes it okay for her to worry about boyfriends and be insecure. The character is an empty canvass – she is so devoid of real personality that the series’ main readers, teenage girls, can easily place themselves in her shoes and dream about Edward.

Edward isn’t that bad, really. Sure, he is a bit possessive and jealous, but with Bella’s track record of injuries, she really needs supervision. He is written to portray someone set in stone, and the only real change he has had in the last 100 years was his love for Bella – I would be pretty possessive then too. I applauded when he became more lenient and understanding for her need to see Jacob.

If you haven’t read it yet, and you like love stories, read the series 🙂

11 thoughts on “Book Review: Eclipse (Stephanie Meyer)

  1. I am sorry. I cannot and will not get on board with this. You know how much I love it?! 😛 Not a fan of romance stories.

    • Hahahaha no friend this is truly not you. You like extremely small doses of romance, worked into something else. All in all, the series is not as bad as most people think, but still not on the level of semi-good authors.

      • Yeah, like romance that Karin Slaughter works in. Not this fantastical, unrealistic, dramatic stuff. I am so glad you are still on that page, otherwise we would seriously have to have a chat about some things.

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