Book Review: Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married (Marian Keyes)

Book: 43/100

Lucy Sullivan

The book, published in 1996, is probably the 7th book of Marian Keyes I have read and enjoyed. It focuses on a young girl, Lucy Sullivan, living in London with two flat mates Karen and Charlotte. Lucy is a very unlucky girl – she makes a lot of mistakes in love, always dating bad boys incapable of financially supporting themselves. She is always, as typical of a young working girl, broke, and suffers from chronic depression.

Lucy visits a fortune teller with three work colleagues. The fortune teller predicts that Lucy will be married in a year, and when her friends’ predictions begins to happen, she starts to wonder if marriage is really a possibility.

Lucy meets Gus at a party, and she is immediately drawn to him. He is the type of guy she always dates, younger, immature, fun and financially unstable. They date, but his behavior is always unpredictable and at times embarrassing. When they finally break up, she realizes that it is for the best – but will she take him back when he returns?

Daniel, one of her oldest friends, also comes into the picture as a possible candidate. He is friendly, charming and reliable, which means he isn’t her usual type. He starts to date her bossy roommate Karen, and Lucy suddenly feels replaced and annoyed. Daniel is there for her when her mother finally leaves her alcoholic father, and when he breaks up with Karen, Lucy knows that she must speak up quickly.

Will Lucy’s prophecy become real? And who will she choose?

Rating: 7/10

Marian Keyes never writes only romance novels. Her characters are usually messed up and complex, with very interesting lives. I love how she tells a tale – her characters are flawed, and there is always a real possibility that they won’t have a happy ending.

Lucy Sullivan is getting married took a while to grow on me. I read it halfway, then lost interest, and restarted it last week. Somehow, it gripped me quickly the second time and I finished it in two days. It is funny, intelligent and heartbreaking. It deals with Alcoholism and depression, and children being drawn into their parents’ drama. It also makes you wonder whether the love of your life might be in front of your eyes all this time.


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