Book Review: Safe Haven (Nicholas Sparks)

Safe Haven

Book: 44/100

Katie Feldman arrives in a small town to start her new life. Through miracle alone she escaped her abusive husband, Kevin Tierney, who is a police officer with an uncanny sense to connect information. Katie, previously Erin Tierney, successful fled from him and moved to a small southern town Southport. There she works in a diner, and lives by herself. She chooses the seclusion she lives in, but makes a friend with her new neighbor Jo. Jo helps Katie talk about her past, and makes Katie notice the attractive shopkeeper in town, Alex Wheatley.

Alex, a retired army officer, is raising his children alone after the death of his wife. He is a dedicated and loving father, and tries to give everything to his children. He only gets to make a connection to Katie after she strikes up a friendship with his young daughter, and after she indirectly saves his son’s life, they start to act more social around each other.

Katie knows that she is falling in love with Alex, and knows that she has to share her past with him. It is much easier than she suspected, because Alex suspected it already. Their relationship blooms, and the kids adjust to having Katie in their lives.

Back in Boston, Kevin isn’t coping with his wife finally outmaneuvering him. He is effectively a drunken sociopath, lying to all his co-workers about her whereabouts, threatening witnesses, and drinking himself into a stupor each night. On a sudden hunch, he starts to find out that she changed her identity to an elder couples’ deceased daughter. With this knowledge, he starts hunting for his wife.

Will Katie, Alex and the kids be able to stay safe from Kevin?

Rating:  6.5/10

Nicholas Spark’s is just one of those writers who have the magic touch. They can’t go through life without being discovered. Writers like Nora Roberts astound you with their attention to detail, but writers like Nicholas Sparks floors you with emotion. His books are so sentimental and touching. I am teary every time I read a new one. This book was exactly the same. He touches on important issues like domestic violence, and the law wrongfully protecting its own. As Katie rebuilds herself and discovers Alex and his broken family, you are drawn into the novel, becoming part of the story.

This book, like many of his other novels (The Notebook, A Walk to Remember, Dear John, The Lucky Charm, Message in a Bottle) has been adapted into a film. I haven’t seen Safe Haven as a movie yet, so I am definitely putting it on my to-do list to compare the movie and book.

I would definitely recommend this book to you if you enjoy emotionally taxing books.

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