The very extended weekend

I’m back! It has been a really long time since I have been at work. It feels very strange, I have to say.

The weekend was largely dedicated to my sister’s wedding. I was on leave from Wednesday, and I went and brought their wedding present. I got a DVD player – they didn’t have one until now, and I thought it would be something they can really use. Thurday we did our nails – it took AGES. We were four people who went at once, so it wasn’t unexpected.

Friday was such a crazed day. My sister, the bride, woke up with the terrible stomach bug that had been terrorising the entire Johannesburg last week. We rushed her to the doctor, and he gave her an injection. We tucked her into bed immediately and hoped for the best. Then I, my family and our soon to be extended family went and set up the reception hall. That evening, my best friend in the entire world arrived in Joburg. I am so touched that they made such effort to be here. Truly, their week had been terrible, and they still came – that is true friendship. Thanks, Zoë.

Wedding day

We started wedding day with getting our hair done. At that point, hair was the only stress factor I still had. During the week my sister went and checked that we were booked, and our names wasn’t even in the diary! Even after that was fixed, I was still worried. Luckily (and really luckily, as I would have blasted them on every single social platform I had access to if something had gone wrong) our hair was done as quick as possible. I won’t mention the salon’s name, as I wasn’t impressed with their attitudes at all, and at the end of the day, I could have easily done my hair like that myself. I can however say that I won’t be returning to them anytime soon.

Afterwards we went to the Lido hotel in the South of Joburg to get ready. In the last few years they made a lot of effort to fix and upgrade the hotel to a modern environment. It looked really great there!

Our wedding car driver (a dear friend) forgot the flowers at the church and raced to and from in ten minutes (quite a feat, I can assure you), and then we drove to the church. I was so stressed out by the busy road that I was five minutes from church when I realised that my sister was actually getting married. I arrived at church completely stressed out.

It was the most beautiful ceremony. I was close to tears a number of times, as you are supposed to be at weddings. Everything was so beautiful and happy and sweet. It was so right.

On Monday we waved off the newlyweds to Mauritius. Enjoy, Mr. and Mrs. Van Vuren!

I was on leave on Monday (to recover from an insane week) and slept so nice. It was wonderful. I am taking care of my sisters apartment when she is away, and I can guarantee that I will be sad when I have to move back home. I certainly see the advantages of getting my own place.

Tuesday, the 24th of September, was Heritage day in South-Africa. We are an incredibly culture rich society – we have eleven official languages. On Heritage Day we celebrate our diversity as people and our unity as a nation. It is also Braai Day now – where South-Africans do what they do best – braai. Going to a braai is the equivalent of going to a barbeque. Just don’t call it a barbeque. Foreigner.

My book challenge had a revival this weekend. Despite having a million things to do, I read five books this past week and a half. Four of them were easy – it is the Bridal Quartet books written by Nora Roberts. Appropriate. I am now busy with the Three Sisters Trilogy, by the same author. I have always loved both series. I am now at 52 books. It will be a miracle if I manage to read another 48 books by February (that is when I started my book challenge). I need to get through my two exams with Unisa before I can fully relax and just read. I wish I had known my year would be so insane, and then I would have made my challenge 52 books in a year. LOL.

That is what I have for you on this Thursday, which feels like a Monday.

PS: This post was for yesterday, but my internet chose to not work on the day I returned. Nice, I know.


One thought on “The very extended weekend

  1. Ahhh thanks my friend. You know there was no ways I was going to miss it. I was thrilled, and seriously enjoyed it. Thank you. It was a beautiful wedding!

    You will get on with your book challenge, you have all the way until February to do it! In that case, you have this down!

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