Movie Review: The Back-up Plan (2010)


Failing to meet the right man on time makes Zoe (Jennifer Lopez) decide to undergo insemination to conceive a child. She meets Stan (Alex O’Loughlin) shortly afterwards, and the dairy farmer who studies at night is the man of her dreams. However, fate isn’t feeling friendly and the insemination works. The now pregnant Zoe tells Stan that she is with child, and he freaks out, but later calms down and commits to her and the baby.

The couple are fine until the first ultrasound where they discover that Zoe is carrying twins. Stan freaks out at the extra amount of time, resources and financing that will be required. Zoe, who has severe relationship issues, orders him to just leave after a fight. He tells her that she should never blame him for their broken relationship, as she chose it.


While at her grandmother’s wedding, who finally decided that she would marry the man she has been engaged to her entire life, Zoe realize her mistake and rushes to tell Stan she loves him. Her water breaks, and he accompanies her to the hospital, where they reunite and she gives birth to two ginger twin girls.

The movie ends with Stan and Zoe getting engaged, and the possibility that she is pregnant again.

Rating: 4.5/10

The movie was watchable, but between Jennifer Lopez’s terrible acting and the predictable storyline, it had some painful moments. I have no idea why she would dabble in acting – her job as performer surely gives her enough income?  Alex O’Loughlin’s performance was actually fine. The cutest and most tolerable part of the story is the two legged French bulldog.

This movie is so sweet you could get diabetes. I wouldn’t recommend it.

One thought on “Movie Review: The Back-up Plan (2010)

  1. DAMN! You really didn’t like this one haha! Man, it looks simply awful! DEFINITELY not something I will be checking out. EVER.

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