Book Review: Vision in White (Nora Roberts)


Book: 47/100

Friends Mackensie Elliot, Emmaline Grant, Laurel MacBane and Parker Brown loved playing Wedding Day as children. Now, as adults, they managed to take their favorite game and turn it into a thriving business – wedding planning company Vows.

Based in Greenwich, Connecticut, the four ladies work and live on the same estate – Brown Manor. After the car accident that killed Parker’s parents, they revamped the Mansion and its surrounding buildings to serve as a wedding venue. They divided the work to suit each partner’s skills – Mackensie as wedding photographer, Emma as florist, Laurel as Baker and Parker as wedding coordinator.

Vision in white, the first of the series’ four books, focuses on the life on Mackensie (Mac) Elliot. Her work as photographer and partner in Vows keeps her happy and content. She has managed to mostly shake off her dysfunctional childhood – her mother Linda’s constant affairs and marriages, and her father uncaring attitude. She manages to ignore her father’s incapability to act like one because he is never around, but she struggles with Linda. Her mother is always causing her distress, nagging for money and being very selfish. Even though she has her friends to help her cope, she struggles to maintain positive when Linda once again manages to take three grand from her.

She meets Carter McGuire when he arrives at Vows to help his sister with wedding arrangements. Their meeting is funny, with him bumping his head after she changes a shirt after an incident with a cardinal. After the meeting, he finds her drinking away her sorrows (Linda called) and they kiss afterwards. Carter feels like slime for kissing her while she was down, and he tries to apologize, but they end up agreeing to go on a few dates.

 Their relationship develops quickly, and Carter knows that she is the woman for him. His ex, Corrine, pushes herself into the equation, and when Mac finds her at his flat, she doesn’t listen to his explanation and storms off. Carter eventually manage to properly apologise, telling her that he sent Corrine away and told her very clearly not to return, ever, Mac accepts his apology and takes him back into her life. She knows he loves her and wants a life with her, but will she be able to overcome her trust issues and insecurity about the infidelity that is a chronic disease in her family?

Rating: 6/10

I read the entire series again because I was in a wedding mood (I have no idea why), and it is a good series, especially with the attention given to wedding details.

Nora Roberts has dipped her writing skills into many genres, and this book is categorized most certainly as romance. Even though the villains are well done and relevant to the storyline, they are mostly superficial and do not pose as a true threat.

Mac is an interesting and enjoyable character, even though she annoyed me with her trust issues. What I most adore about this series is the strong friendship bond the four ladies have with each other. Nasty females are a much more published occurrence than true, kind friends who would do anything for each other.

If you have wedding fever, or love romance novels, or just plainly love Nora Roberts, I would definitely recommend this series books to you.


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