Happy things



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As you may have noticed by my narky rants the last while, I have been in a slump. To combat this attitude, I am writing a list of things that make me happy.

I list everything in life – shopping lists, to-do lists, what I spent money on, what I will take on vacation, what exercises I did, etc. Why not make a list of things that makes me happy?

Writing happy lists will most definitely make you feel happier afterwards. It will pull you out of your slump and remind you that this earth contains beautiful and funny things that make life worth living.


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A list of things that make me happy


Listing to the rain pattering on the roof.

Nicky Noodle, my little Jack Russell. She is so damn happy all the time it is impossible not to respond in kind.


Walking my dog in the afternoon


Remembering funny moments and having a silent giggle about it

Seeing someone you haven’t seen in a while and having the best time


Discovering good blogs

Sitting in my sunny living room on a Sunday and enjoying the sun and drinking coffee

The fact that there are people who love me with ridiculous amounts of love

I have a job, a house and food to eat.

I have no diseases.

Suddenly understanding a formula or function in math or chemistry

Nerding around and creating beautiful excel spread sheets ❤


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What makes you happy?

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