Book Review: Dance upon the Air (Nora Roberts)

Book: 51/100

dance upon the air

This is the first book in the trilogy Three Sisters written by my favorite author Nora Roberts. Helen Remington, the protagonist in Dance upon the Air, died so that she could live. She was the wife of entertainment mogul Evan Remington and her marriage was marked with emotional and physical violence. She eventually realized that if she didn’t leave she would die. Escaping her marriage meant staging her own death, and running as far away from her psychotic husband as she could manage.

When she arrives on the Three Sisters Island, as Nell Channing, it is a place quite literally from her dreams. She meets Mia Devlin by sheer luck – right when Mia’s café loses its cook. Nell, a qualified chef, gets the job, and Mia offers her a place to stay.

Nell discovers her power as a witch with help from Mia. She learns that she is part of an ancestry of the three witches who formed the island as a hideout from the Salem witch trials three hundred years ago. Now, with impending doom, the three witches alive must do what their ancestors couldn’t. Nell must face her fears and conquer her abusive husband as Air couldn’t. Ripley Todd, deputy police chief on the island must be able to act her justice out without harming anyone, unlike Earth who murdered in her grief. Mia, the leader of the trio, must face and overcome her own heartbreak, unlike Fire who killed herself in grief for her lost love.

When Nell starts to become close with Sheriff Zack Todd, Ripley’s brother, she needs to reassess her situation. Even though he is a monster, she is still legally married to Evan Remington. She knows she cannot marry an officer of the law with legal ties binding her to another, no matter the circumstances. She confides her true identity in the other two Sisters, and in Zack, and initially he is angry with her, even though he understands that she needed to flee.

An acquaintance of the previous Mrs. Helen Remington sees her on Three Sisters, and believes it to be either a ghost or a lookalike. She tells Evan’s sister, and when she mentions to him that someone saw a Helen lookalike, he immediately makes arrangements to go to the Island. He is sure that his wife tricked him, and already within a murderous mind-set. He is not only now an abusive man, but he is also being possessed by the evil spirit bent on destroying the Sisters.

Nell finds the courage to trust Zack, and contact authorities that will protect her. The week after their engagement, Evan lands on the Island, and starts searching for his wife. Will Nell be able to fight an old curse as well as her extremely dangerous husband?

Rating: 6.5/10

I enjoy this book every time I read it. It is my favorite book in the Trilogy. I always have a soft spot for books where women flee abusive relationships, finds her strength and her happiness. Although I definitely do not think that every woman should immediately turn to another man, it is a Nora Roberts book, so things like that will happen.

If I had to associate Nell with a color, it would be a warm yellow, like her little cottage. She exudes so much warmth as a character, and caring and heart. She is the sweetest of the Three, and her journey to enlightenment is delightful. Zack made such a good match for her. He could be her protector, and he was already predisposed to accept her magical abilities, because of his sister’s power.

All in all, a good book for a good series.

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