Book Review: Face the Fire (Nora Roberts)

Book: 53/100

 Face the fire pic

When Sam Logan left Three Sisters Island, he broke Mia Devlin’s heart. Now, years later he returns, and finds that she isn’t willing to accept him back as her lover. She is still a stunningly beautiful and capable witch, and has built up her bookstore and café to a thriving business. She is part of a powerful circle of witches, who are the descendants of the original Three witches, who created the island to flee the Salem witch trials 300 years ago. Her two coven sisters Nell and Ripley already won their battle with the demon who wants to topple the island into the sea. For Mia to finally beat the demon, she needs to make peace with her own feelings, and forgive those who broke her heart. At first it seems unlikely that she will ever forgive Sam, but then they reach a point where they can civilly discuss their past. She starts to see that while Sam was mostly at fault for her heartbreak, she also was wrong by never really seeing his insecurities or need to prove himself to his father, and smothered him with her ideal image of their lives.

Sam and Mia starts sleeping together again, but she only allows him back as a bed partner, and nothing else. It frustrates him that she is always blocking herself and her feelings from him.

Meanwhile, Mia and Mac, now Ripley’s husband, are researching different ways to disband the curse. Mia finally realises what needs to be done – either sacrifice herself or accept whatever feelings she has for Sam, and peacefully move on with her life. Will she be able to break the curse and love Sam again? Or will she sacrifice herself and let her sisters live?

Rating: 6/10

The book was fun and easily readable, though the end left me disappointed. What should have been an epic show down became a hastily written conclusion to the series. I am coming from a Harry vs. Voldemort world, so perhaps it isn’t fair to compare romance novels to that level of mastery.

Mia and Sam made an interesting couple; though I don’t agree with her decision to sleep with him after a few weeks back in her life (I know it is only a book). Sam seemed the most difficult of all the men in the series, more temperamental and more powerful. I enjoyed him; I just thought he was a douchebag. It was a good idea for him to also be a witch, it added something interesting to the last book.

The book itself was a good conclusion to the series, even if it was a bit hurried and vague at some parts.

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