Relevant things right now



My exams are starting this week. I have been preparing for ages but I am still stressing because I am writing the delightful subject Chemistry. It is extremely important to pass because I need this subject to be able to take another bunch next year. Please send through positive vibes!


My eternal warfare with being healthy

Stop making excuses

I am only focusing on being healthy now. Losing weight is not my main plan right now. I am drinking Decaf instead of real coffee, continuing with drinking plenty of water, and cutting out a lot of carbs. We will see how it goes. I have been excising a lot and am feeling a difference with my clothes. It is exciting, although I haven’t seen a change on the scale.

Life in South-Africa

I’ve had this pic for ages and think it is particularly funny, as many people don’t have a clue how life in South-Africa is. Especially the US Government, it would seem, since they arrest apartheid heroes as terrorists. Nice going, guys!


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