Book Review: Mushy Peas on Toast (Laurian Clemence)

Book: * 55/100 *

Peas has just broken up with her long term boyfriend Anthony. She deals with her heartbreak with a lot of alcohol, partying and the support of all her friends. She has a mundane job as journalist for a food magazine, and lives under the tyranny of her Sub editor, who seems to hate Peas on principal. She meets Randy a short while after her break up, falling headlong into a relationship with him, even though she isn’t over Anthony. One of her best friends Connor starts dating Gwendolyn, a very pretentious girl. Gwendolyn doesn’t like Peas at all, and Connor initially tries to keep them separate.

Randy and Peas’ relationship gets very rocky. They are too similar, and eventually they break up. Now Peas have to deal with double the heartbreak, and also try to be more mature about things, as her friend Lizzy starts to point out that Peas can be very self-absorbed.

What will Peas do? And will she find love, or learn to deal with being single?

Rating: 7/10

The book, written by Blogger Mushy Peas on Toast, is this miraculous evidence of the power of the Blog. I had perused author Laurian Clemence’s blog numerous times, and saw that she had a published book. I have to confess, I wasn’t overly interested in the book at first. My sister brought a copy, not knowing the author had a blog, and when I read it I was hooked right away. The book is hilariously funny. It is well written, and a terrifyingly accurate account of the fast lives young people in JHB lives.

I really enjoyed the book. I read it after my own break-up last year, and it really helped me organize my mind. When I read it this time around, I cracked myself for the humor and ridiculous situations.

Mushy Peas on Toast is a great read, and I would recommend it to South-African expats who are homesick, people who want to understand Johannesburg better and anyone who needs a good laugh.



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